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Promoting Your Minecraft Server To Attract Players

Last updated: April 13, 2021

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To date I have tested 71 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Minecraft Server Hosting.

Have you created an awesome Minecraft server (check out this guide on how to set everything up properly) that you want to share with others?

Are you struggling to get new players on your server and want some helpful tips? Well, I have created a list of my top 8 ways to attract more players that you can start using today.

Tell Your Friends

This might be an obvious one to start off the list, but it’s surprising how many people don’t invite their friends.

Most people these days have social media so why not post your server IP on your personal Facebook page and ask your friends to share it on their social media accounts too.

Tell your friends

This will literally take you a couple of minutes to do and it’s FREE! So there isn’t anything to lose.

ASK Members To Invite Their Friends.

Have you asked your current server members if they have friends that they could invite to the server? This is another free option that takes very little effort and could be worth it, even if you get a few extra players.

Minecraft Chat

If you do gain extra players this way, make sure you introduce yourself and become friendly with the new players. This will improve the chances of them continuing to use your server and potentially bring in their friends.

If you can do it right this method could greatly expand your user base and create a real feeling of community.

Minecraft Server Lists

Minecraft server lists are a great way to look outside of your friendship circle and draw in new players and potential Minecraft friends.

Minecraft Server List

You have two options when using a Minecraft Server List:

  1. You can either create a free listing that will be added to the site or,
  2. Create a premium listing that will be promoted at the top of the website on a “pay-per-day” system

Free Minecraft server listings

Free listings are great if you want to try and attract players but don’t have the money to pay for a premium listing, however, you won’t have as much success drawing in new players as you will be competing with thousands of other servers that are all free listings.

Minecraft banners

If you choose a free listing then I would suggest creating a server banner that really stands out, this will help attract players and separate you from everyone else.

Mineverse Banner

Bright colors and unique graphics have always caught my attention when it comes to Minecraft server banners.

You can create these for free without hiring a developer on websites like TopG.

Premium Minecraft server listings

Premium listings are usually charged by the day or month and can vary in cost depending on how many users visit the listings website. If you have the money to spend you will definitely get a lot of new players this way as your server will be seen first. 

Minecraft server list sites

Here is a list of the top server lists:

Create A YouTube Video

YouTube Logo

A video of your server can be a very powerful tool when you’re trying to advertise your server. This video allows potential new players to see what’s special about your server.

It’s easier to show someone why they should join your server, rather than hope they join and find out for themselves.

Video structure

I’d start by introducing your server and your community.

Then second, list why your server is worth joining – highlight any mods you use, introduce some of your community members, show them plenty of in-game footage and add plenty of positive narration to make new players feel welcome.

You can then use this video on social media and use the videos YouTube URL on your server list to show off your world.

Paid Advertisements

Amazon Prime Banner Ads ExampleIf you are willing to spend some money advertising your server you could pull in a lot of players very quickly. As I mentioned above you could use premium listings on the server list sites and also rent potential advertising spaces across their site.

A very powerful tool to use is Google Ads, however, this does require some knowledge on how to use the advertising platform or at least be willing to learn how to use it. This isn’t the easiest option for someone that has never used this method before. However, it can be very cost-effective if you learn how to advertise and spend your money advertising on the right sites.

If you can’t get your head around Google Ads, another strategy would be to contact Minecraft-related sites that have their own advertising spaces and contact them directly. You may be surprised how cheap these independent websites can be. Of course, the cost usually depends on how many users the site gets and if they believe in your mission to serve the community rather than profit from it.

This approach requires both dedication and money, but if you get it right you could build a huge community on your server and even start earning money to cover bills and continue growing!

Enable Votifier

Votifier is a free open source mod related to the Bukkit plugin which is primarily used to help get your server noticed on server lists. It’s a very powerful plugin for servers looking to improve their ranking on any server list they have been added to.

Votifier screen

Essentially users can vote for your server which improves its ranking, many of the top servers have added Votifier to their server and it helps them compete for the top spots.

Server lists are very popular with the Minecraft community, the lists are the number one place to go when looking for a server and rank well in Google. So it’s definitely worth improving your position on these sites by using the plugin.

For more information on Votifier check out:

Join Minecraft Forums

There are plenty of Minecraft forums on the internet that has sections where users can add their server IP. It’s worth joining up to as many forums as you can and add your server IP.

Don’t forget to add a small description and screenshots or a YouTube video of your server if you have already made one.

Minecraft Forum Thread

You could also take the time to get to know the other users on the forum, these users could easily become your friends over time. They may potentially want to check out your server and spend time playing with you on your world. Always remember to be polite on the forums and respect each other.

Here’s a list of the top Minecraft Forums to check out:

  1. Minecraft Forums
  2. Planet Minecraft Forums
  3. Minecraft Forge Forums
  4. World Of Minecraft Forums

Minecraft on Social Media

Join all the Minecraft-related groups on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have seen plenty of people on these groups looking for both servers and new friends.

Minecraft Official Facebook Page

If you join these groups you can check daily for new posts and updates. If you make a presence for yourself on these groups you can easily make new friends who will want to check out your server.

This is another great free option that will net you a few extra players. Though it does depend on how hard you are willing to work on making new friends and communicating with other people in these groups.

Summing Up

Attracting new players to your Minecraft server can be very difficult if you don’t know where to start. Hopefully, with my 8 simple tips, you will have new players in no time.

I’d suggest starting with the free (zero cost) tips and working your way up to the paid options.

All servers start with zero players at the beginning, it takes hard work, a great server, a good community and a dedicated player base to become a top Minecraft server.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 71 popular Minecraft Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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