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Setting Up Your Minecraft World

Last updated: April 13, 2021

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So you’ve purchased a Minecraft server using our super-helpful website but don’t know what to do next? Well you could just jump on to your server and start playing with your friends, however, you could also start learning how to get the most out of your server

If you want to expand your world and move away from the Vanilla experience you will first need to understand how to use Multicraft. Which will allow you to add mods, assign roles to your players and use command controls.

Understanding Multicraft

Multicraft is the control panel in which you will use to edit and customize your Minecraft server. If you’re renting from a server hosting provider then it’s 90% likely you will be using Multicraft.

Screenshot of Multicraft

Some hosting companies do prefer to use TCadmin, but Multicraft is the best choice for new and experienced players as it’s a lot easier to understand and learn. It’s also far better for players that want to add Custom Jar files (Plugins and Mods).

Multicraft has many features and allows users to customize their servers in various ways, but there are 4 main sections that any new server owner should know reasonably well to run a good server. These include user and player access on the server, command consoles, adding custom JAR files and creating private servers.

Multicraft control panel

Users and Players

As soon as a player enters your Minecraft server they are logged onto your player list which is accessed via the “Users” tab.

On the “Users” tab you will be able to see the user’s name and change their role on the server.

Multicraft users Management

By default, new players will either be a guest or a user; which gives them very limited access to anything server-related. New players will be able to play, chat, view commands and use cheat if there are any enabled on the server.

More advanced roles include “moderator” and “administrator” and these are usually given to the players on your server that you trust.

Moderators – Gain the ability to start a server and can see the command console. They can also kick, summon and give to players on the server. Moderators can also download backups as well.

Administrators – Have a huge amount of control over the server and have the ability to edit configs, upload jars, manage the users on the server and much more.

There are other roles that you can assign to users, but the ones mentioned above are the most used and are important for a server owner to understand.

For a more in-depth explanation of the user roles check out:

Private Server and “whitelisting”

Creating a private server can be very useful if you just want to play with your friends or a select group of users. It can also be great for testing out plugins and mods.

Multicraft White List

To create a private server you need to change the “Default Role” to “No access”. This will change all users on your player list that don’t already have an allocated role higher than “No access”.

If you want to add players to your private server simply upgrade their user status to higher than “No access”. It’s that simple to change your server to private.


As a server owner, it’s very important to understand how useful server commands can be. In order to run commands, you or a user need to have the ability defined in the user role. To be able to execute a command you need to write the defined string in the chatbox.

There is a huge command list that is available on the Multicraft website.

Custom Jar Files

If you want to upload mods and run more than just a Vanilla Minecraft server you will need to understand how to use custom JAR files. If you are renting a server from a hosting provider then they will likely offer support and often do this for you.

Custom JAR File

It is essential to understand how to do it yourself as you will be able to switch up mods and customize your server a lot quicker, without having to wait for someone else to do it for you.

It can take a little while to understand how Jar files work and different files have different requirements. You can’t just add the JAR file to the allocated folder and expect it to work if it’s not based on the Vanilla Minecraft files.

If you want to learn more about JAR files it’s worth watching some YouTube tutorials as they will give you a step-by-step guide visually.

Once you have gotten comfortable with Multicraft you can really start to expand your server and make things more interesting for you and your players. The above section was just 4 suggested starting areas to look at to help you get the most out of your server and the MC control panel.

Minecraft Plugins and Mods

Having Plugins and Mods installed on your server really improves the overall experience you and your players will have together.

With over 100 different add on’s there is something for everyone when it comes to different Minecraft experiences.

Here are my top 10 recommended Mods any player should have:

The best part about owning your own server is having the ability to choose which mods you want to have on your server.

It’s one of the main reasons that Minecraft has been so successful over the years because it caters to everyone’s needs.

If you are a fan of Don’t Starve Together then check out my list of server mods I made for that title/

Inviting Friends

Once you have gotten to grips with the Multicraft control panel and set everything up the way you want. It’s time to show off your new world to your friends.

Don’t forget to assign them specific roles once they login to your server for the first time.

If you have any friends that have previous Minecraft server experience it may be worth making them an administrator or a moderator to help you manage your server.

My Hosting Review Process:

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2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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